About me

Painter and sculptor

Sandrine Lemoigne’s aim is to highlight man’s beauty through an intimate and rare work. Based on a colourful background inspired by the theme, the alliance of opaqueness and transparency entertwines depth and lighten in one very well-designed technique, which is enriched by the use of contrasts of materiel and textures with oil paintings, tempera, pastels, gold glaze highlights and even a touch of enamel in order to illuminate the sculptures.
The subtle references to the History of Art in her work are paying a discreet tribute to our common inheritance and, at the same, time, is a nod to the viewer ( if warned)/ Whilst looking at herart, the obeserver experinces a contemplation giving rise to joy and gratitude.

  • Prix de sculpture, TDF83, Toulon 2024.
  • Bronze medal -, Salon des Beaux-Arts, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris 2018.
  • Special Mention from the jury, Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais, 2018.
  • Albin Eschbach Prize destined to a promising new artist, Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais, Paris, 2019.
  • Member of the Fondation TAYLOR, the artist works in a studio in Toulon and is registered to the Maison des Artistes.

What did they like ?

Sandrine a réalisé pour nous un tableau magnifique.

Elle a crée par son style et le choix des couleurs une composition à la fois très classique et moderne, où son amour de la vie et de la famille occupent tout l’espace. Quel cadeau! Quelle joie!


Vincent D.

Londres, Royaume-Uni

Félicitations pour la poésie et la musique qui se dégagent de l’ensemble de ces toiles : quel talent ! Merci de le partager.


Versailles, France

Sandrine produced the most beautiful painting of our three children from some family photographs and a brief observation of them playing together.

The likeness she managed to achieve was incredible and she brought out their individual personalities in a unique way. We were delighted with the finished painting which now hangs in pride of place in our home in London.

Daniel G.

Londres, Royaume-Uni